The founding division of The Danver Group, Danver Communications provide on-trend and knowledgeable communications support to individuals and organisations across the creative industries. Made up of talented creatives and pioneering PR and marketing professionals, we have the skillset to build your brand, from new websites and logos to press relations and event management.

Our Clients

"Your facilitating of the website design was very smooth and I have since gotten many compliments on how professional and classy the new website looks. I'm very pleased with how easy the whole process was!"

Sienna Beckman, Co-Founder/Head of Development and Production

"Danver Communications [...] have delivered a complete re-brand and established regular social media postings and newsletters. [...] Great to work with and has made invaluable contributions to the company's growth."

Karla Williams, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, MsMono Productions

Our Team



With over 10 years of experience, Tolu has experience working in some of the UK's top organisations and campaigns in a range of industries, including personal profiles/talent, Sport, Finance, Consumer and more, specialising in Entertainment, Film and TV. Tolu is also co-host of The Culture Reel podcast and co-founder of The First Film Club.


Web Development & Design

A multitasking website builder, educator and musician. Joe specialises in simple, clean, responsive websites that are easy to navigate for the end-user, and easy to edit by the client - including this one!



A passionate photographer with over 10 years experience, Rhondell knew from an early age that she'd found her calling. Though the first photos were of friends and family, Rhondell now covers professional events, weddings, commercial sessions and more. Rhondell has always been interested in what lies behind a shoot and what people will feel when they see a photo.


Graphic Design and Art Direction

Derek is a designer and art director based in London. He has over 8 years’ experience in branding, design and idea generation for a range of clients, from global brands to independent start-ups.


Filmmaking and Videography

Cassie is a producer/director with a background in documentary and comedy shorts. His first BFI funded feature length film Generation Revolution was released in cinemas in the UK and toured the US and South America. He is currently directing a new feature, Malcolm, part-funded by IFP/HBO and an hour-long TV documentary about Stokely Carmichael for BBC4. Cassie has also produced short-form content for clients including The Wagon, Futurelearn & UCL. His work has been featured in publications such as The Guardian, Teen Vogue and i-D Magazine.



Simon has 20 years’ practice in copywriting, specialising in concepts, stories and words that move people to act. Previous work includes penning album reviews for BBC online and portraying limited editions by Britain’s biggest artists for The Royal Academy’s artwork sales, he . He hones online and offline messages, including descriptions of groups, programs, casts and shows. A Film Studies graduate Simon is a volunteer usher at Depot community cinema in Lewes.